A Journey through Ancient Scriptures

A journey through Ancient Scriptures

Recorded Live

“The main feature of this ensemble was based on the warmth and individual freedom, united in thought and execution, culminating in a precise interpretation of radiant musical vitality.”

Diario de Cádiz, Spain

“Soprano María Hinojosa has a superb voice and knows just how to communicate with the public…the instrumentalists around her were as adept as they were expressive and deserve to be heard again.” 

La Croix, France

FIRST PRIZE WINNER: Jurica Murai prize for best interpretation.
Varazdin Baroque Festival, Croatia, 2008
There are many reasons to celebrate, and especially with music! Composed and sung entirely in Hebrew, this concert presents a variety of celebrations from the Jewish calendar, both pensive and joyous.
Beginning with the famous acrostic poem used on Hanukah Ma´oz Tzur, then to Shabbat (the Sabbath) sung using Lidarti´s Boij Beshalom, the concert culminates with exciting, bubbly arias from an oratorio about Esther, whose story is told every year at the festival of Purim (Jewish Carnival).
Music for this concert was found mainly in the Portuguese Jewish archives in Amsterdam, and is a fascinating reflection of the society for which it was written.

Aria  from Esther Oratorio by C.G. Lidarti

In this case, this music reflects a coexistence in Holland that was a marvel in its time and continues to be a model for peaceful integration of cultures and religions. This concert highlights that positive outlook with festive music sounding both Eastern and Western by composers both Jewish and Gentile. It is music from the past, but with a message for the future.

"Radiant musical vitality”